Internet project management

Companies and entrepreneurs who want to order a development of a website, an e-shop or Internet portal are often undecided, because an offers they get from development companies vary too much. Difference between the cheapest to the most expensive offer could be even 10 times!

When you do not have exact functional requirements for your website, you may expect it quite often. Thus you need to prepare in advance:

  • functional requirements for a website
  • SEO research for your website
  • competitors’ SEO research
  • requirements for graphical design
  • requirements for texts
  • examples of websites you like

19 out of 20 companies face problems with preparing all this information required. Then there is a space for unfair behaviour from development companies side.

Good news are that you may hire me for preparation of all required information!

Moreover, later on you might want me to select an appropriate partner for web development and coordinate all development process until the launch of the website.

Contact me and we will discuss all forms of possible cooperation!

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